The Very Brave Bear

July sees more fantastic books hit the shelves from Scholastic and it was hard to pick a favorite out of so many new and enjoyable books. Appearing in my top 3 was definitely Nick Bland’s (author of last months picture book review ‘King Pig‘) new addition to his Very Cranky Bear adventures ‘The Very Brave Bear’.8219171_Z

Nick Bland has produced another wonderful book this month. ‘The Very Brave Bear’ is a wonderfully rhythmic book that takes us on a battle of bravery. Re-appearing from his 4 of Bland’s other books The Very Cranky Bear teams up with Boris Buffalo on an exciting jungle adventure.

The Very Cranky Bear and Boris Buffalo are trying to prove who is the bravest by doing some very scary things, which are also exciting and fun. But in the end after coming to a big dark cave and being scared by a tiny little frog they agree that ‘Bears and Buffaloes are equally as brave.’

‘The Very Brave Bear‘ is also beautifully illustrated by Bland. The pictures are beautiful and exciting with a hidden animal who can be spotted on every page and adds to the adventure in the end.

I think this would be a wonderful book to give as a gift and a sure winner for boys aged 5+ who are all about competing with each other. ‘The Very Brave Bear’ has that sense of challenge, in a fun and playful way, and ends with resolve between two friends.

Price : $16.99 
Ages: 4+ 
Type: Hardback Picture Books 
Author : Bland,Nick



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